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Lime Serenity (라임 세레니티)

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Elesis, Lire and Arme find Lime.
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Name: Lime Serenity
Age: 14
Likes: Calm places. Her long praised Goddesses (Ernasis, Lisnar, and Armenian).
Dislikes: Destructive items.
Lime is currently unavailable on the North American Grand Chase. She is the second Character that utilizes the AMP system which allows the user to use both AP and MP Skills.
Lime may not have intense attack power and agility but she has the defense of a thousand castle walls and the first one to manage the tanking abilities of all the characters with the aid of her aura skills that helps her and her allies to be buffed up and gain strength with her presence.

She lives in a small nation just a little far away from Bermesiah called Holy Kingdom. The people in the Holy Kingdom nation have been serving the God "beofwang" since the beginning of time as beofwang protects the gateway of Elyos and Aernas, but the Evils have corrupted beofwang and the people in the Holy Kingdom nation was forced to flee the land, including the Group called the "Rouge Star Knights" which Lime is a member of. The Rouge Star Knights were ordered to seal up the gateway of Elyos to Aernas as soon as possible, but in the journey with her fellow members of the Rouge Star Knights they were separated because of the war...

As she wandered the deserts of the Sands of Illusion, she stumbled upon the group of knights called the Grand Chase. She joins them, as the three heroines (Elesis, Lire, and Arme) look astoundingly similar to her long praised goddesses - Ernasis, Lisnar, and Armenian.

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