Shinichi "Recon" Nagata

Shinichi Nagata

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Shinichi Nagata (長田 伸一)

He is Leafa's friend and mentor in ALfheim Online. He is skilled in concealment and high level dark magic.

He harbors a crush on Suguha, being her classmate in real life. He is key in investigating the Salamander's infiltration of the Sylph, and uncovering Sigurd's plot. He later rejoins Kirito and Leafa at Aarun, and urges Lyfa to leave and return to Sylvain, after he finds her upset. Later he confesses to her and ends up getting punched. After Leafa returns from meeting Kirito again, she informs them they are attacking the World Tree.

(Source: swordartonline.wikia)

Voice Actors
Garbolino, Davide
Miller, Marianne
Murase, Ayumu
Hoffmann, Florian
Tejedor, Jorge