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Trip (トリップ)

Birthday: May 3
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Blood type: B
AllMate: Welter
Occupation: Midorijima Yakuza
Team: Morphine
Likes: interesting, fun, and amazing things
Dominent hand: right

Trip is one of the supporting characters in DRAMAtical Murder. Trip is more built than Virus; more muscular and slightly taller. Trip's original hair color was a dark red, but he dyed it blonde to match Virus. His eyes are bright blue and he wears a pair of earrings that match the ones Virus wears. His clothing consist of a plaid vest and pants with a white collared shirt underneath, a black tie, a white belt, black suspenders, and white boots.

Trip first met Virus at Toue's, where Virus had been staying long before Trip arrived. Trip began following Virus around, as he thought everyone else was annoying, and he would try to hit or bite anyone that came near him. Virus was the only person who Trip would speak to and refrain from harming. He acted like a dog who had found his master, only Virus did not act like much of a master to him.
Virus and Trip knew everything about Aoba since way back in the timeline of the anime. They weren't sure at first whether the Aoba they were looking for was really the one in front of them, so they watched him for some time. Two years before the timeline of the anime, Aoba went into Rhyme and used his SCRAP on his opponent. Virus and Trip found out about it and erased his memories, keeping Aoba a secret from Toue because they wanted to keep him for themselves. Virus and Trip remained as Aoba's friends.

(Source: DMMD Wikia)

Voice Actors
Higuchi, Tomoyuki
Shepard, Blake

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