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Najenda (ナジェンダ)

Age: Mid-20s
Height: 172 cm (5'8")
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Silver
Blood Type: A
Faction: Night Raid (Leader), Imperial Military (defected)
Teigu: Pumpkin (former), Susanoo (former)

Najenda, also known as The Hunk of the Rebellion is the head of the assassin group Night Raid. Taciturn, sharp-minded and level-headed, she leads the group with a surprisingly gentle but firm air. Her years of experience serving in the Empire as a general have made her a highly capable leader. Najenda is sometimes mistaken as a man due to her boyish appearance, even sometimes being nicknamed "The Hunk of the Rebellion" by her cohorts. She tends to have a habit of telling "cold jokes" and making bad puns. Her last known Teigu, Speed of Lightning: Susanoo, is a living humanoid Teigu that functions as the user's bodyguard and can do household chores extremely efficiently and can fight on behalf of the user.

(Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Calene-Black, Shelley
Mizuno, Risa
Laksberg, Katrin
Garcia, Patrícia
Portuguese (BR)

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