Isamu Ohyama

Tokio Kidou Police
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Tokio Kidou Police: Bishoujo Taiin, Shukkin seyo!
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Isamu Ohyama

Isamu is the charming muscleman of the team. His first acquaintance with Noriko runs somewhat unpleasant, because he mistakenly thinks is a guy.

Having exactly the 2 female team members, Noriko and Kayoko, patterned exactly his eye falls on Kayoko. In his head, beat his fantasies with her ​​already somersaults. Obviously this is Kayako not escaped and she is not necessarily averse Isamou. In the locker room, he is seduced by Kayoko out on her direct manner with a small courtship ritual. From then on the two have sex frequently during working hours (which usually is unmistakable).

With Yasuo he gets on the subject of women to each other a little bit, because he can not understand this attitude of reserve. For him, there is nothing better than a beautiful woman in his arms and to have this and to do that.

Voice Actors
Yamanoi, Jin
Ubaldi, Pietro
Ramos, Regino