Kanata "Cody Kiyama" Saionji

Kanata Saionji

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Kanata Saionji (西遠寺 彷徨)

Kanata is amongst the most popular boys in his school, especially among the girls, due to his good looks. Shortly after Miyu arrives at his home, Kanata's father declares that he wishes to leave on a year long trip to India for enlightenment, thus binding him and Miyu to living together in the same house. Miyu starts attending Kanata's school and they have difficulty keeping their secret about living together. He finds out from Miyu's mother that they were both childhood friends and starts to like her more and more as the story progresses (but still teases her to mask it). His mother, a good friend of Miyu's mother, died while he was young. Kanata's favorite food is pumpkin, and likes all its variants, from squash to the chips varieties. Luu also calls Kanata "papa" because he looks very similar to Luu's real father. Years later, he marries Miyu and they live at the temple. Their daughter, Miu.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Sanpei, Yuuko
Moore, Candice
Carrero, José María
Kim, Il
Tan, Dwayne
Majano, Paola
Lee, Mi Ja