Armitage III: Poly-Matrix
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Armitage III
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Asakura (アサクラ)

Dr. Asakura is the developer of the "Thirds" and a brilliant researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. He worked with D'anclaude together at "conception", which shows a photo of the two. But now his briefcase insight has been locked in "Conception", as if he had never been employed there. Asakura was brainwashed (he finds it hard to remember events that are further back, but his research is not affected) subject and spends his time on Danicci hill in a building complex of "Conception". There Asakura works with the help of his assistant Wilbur, he has upgraded the CPU, because he had not been smart enough, to his latest project - the "alives" or "fourth". A new model of Biodroiden who no longer need to make that more human-like, because they do not need any attributes of the flora or fauna.

Voice Actors
Stigler, Barry
Shima, Shunsuke
Tedesco, Sergio

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