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Michael Summers

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Michael Summers (マイケル・ソマーズ)

Michael is the team captain of the All-Starz and is first shown in Episode 20; Series 1, in a quick screen shot with him shadowed so it's not possible to see his face. Then in Episode 22 he is shown as an arrogant, over confident show off who does not like it when people question his abilities (ie. Judy and Emily). He is first shown to place his trust totally in science and that skill will never beat it. Until Max, in Episode 28 beats him with sheer skill and power. He realises that skill and heart are much better than science afterward.

During G-Revolution, he is seen with a new haircut (long, straight blonde hair, with his right eye being covered by his bangs). He is defeated by Rick during the American eliminations of the Beyblade Championship, and confronts Judy by saying: "Now you have your team, so I guess you don't need us any more." He and Rick never really get along, but later in the series they have been shown to at least tolerate each other.

He is 16 in the first season and 18 in the third.

In the first season, his beyblade is Trygle with the Fast Ball Attack, Maximum Cannon Ball Flame Attack and Talon Attack. In the third, it's upgraded to Trygle 2 with the Super Cannon Attack.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Kappei
Sabre, Diego
Smith, Lyon
Ringelheim, Aurélien
Drummond, Felipe
Portuguese (BR)
El Kammouchi, Karim

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