Brooklyn Masefield

Brooklyn Masefield

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Brooklyn Masefield (ブルックリン)

Brooklyn is the strongest competitor in the series which Kai and Tyson have to face. He is a naturally gifted Beyblader and doesn't need to try in order to win. There are two sides to his personality. First, the calm and seemingly gentle side and then the psychotic, aggressive side. He defeated Kai just like a child's play in their first match, though lost drastically in their second when Kai - as he himself stated - unleashed his "true" potential.He has always thought no one can beat him so he did not put ANY hard work into battling because of his "natural ability".

Like Tyson, he is at one with his bit beast, but Brooklyn forms physical traits of his bit beast, for instance wings form on his back that reflect his bit beast Zeus's wings.

His childhood reflected strongly in his personality. Because he always won, the other children did not want to play with him, so he was often left alone. During Brooklyn's Beyblade match with Tyson, because of Kai defeating him, he has turned insane. Brooklyn has always beybladed using only his natural ability, and because that was good enough to win he never put much energy into his matches. He realizes that, by using the combined powers of his emotions and abilities, he could create much more damage. Eventually, all his negative emotions reach their apex, especially his annoyance, frustration and sadness. These mix with the evil darkness of his demonic bit-beast, Zeus, and using King of Darkness attack, creates a black hole that proceeds to ravage and devour the entire world and everyone in it into his soul. Thus, he declares himself a god. He only calms down once Tyson explains to him the true meaning of Beyblading, using the power of the bit-beasts of his team-mates (Kai,Ray,Max and Daichi)and Tala's Wolborg (Tala woke up from his coma and sent Wolborg with his special ice attack to help Tyson) to dispel Zeus's darkness, returning the world to normal, albeit heavily ravaged. Once the chaos had passed, Tyson and Brooklyn continue their battle as it should have been, a friendly competition, free from the machinations of the now disgraced Boris. Tyson wins in the end due to Dragoon absorbing other bit-beasts's powers and then attacked and defeated Zeus. Both bladers then took their Beyblades and battled again, however, the victor was never actually shown.

Voice Actors
Hoshi, Souichirou
Tinkler, Robert
Makino, Jan
Prata, Patrizio