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Kasumi Tani (谷 かすみ)

Kasumi is the 18-year-old daughter of the owners of Kasumi house, a small wooden apartment building. Her window faces Kazuya's window, so she uses a long ladder that runs from his balcony to hers as a bridge to pay him a visit, along with Rena. Because she's a close friend of Kazuya's, she often lets him get away with overdue rent payments. In addition to being a college student, Kasumi is very active, athletic, and likes baseball. She is a coach for the local little league baseball team, and her uniform number is 33. She has been known to refer to herself as "boku" (the Japanese male form of I). Kasumi is also somewhat of a tomboy but she has a very kind side. She holds special feelings toward Kazuya and will wear more revealing outfits when coming to visit him. She sees the Cyberdolls, primarily May, as a friendly rival for his affections.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ruff, Michelle
Takahashi, Mikako
Manicone, Francesca