Kiminari Harao

Eyeshield 21
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Kiminari Harao (原尾 王城)

40-yard-dash: 5.4 seconds
Bench-press: 50 kg
Position: Quarterback
Jersey Number: 8
3rd Year Student (Grade 12)

Harao is the quarterback of the Taiyou Sphinx. He bosses everyone around and puts the blame on them until Banba sets him straight. For some reason, he's popular with the ladies and has his own harem. He acts like a pharaoh; however, compared to Hiruma, his skills as a quarterback are substantially less. His over-dependence on the Pyramid Line has made him slower and less able to avoid sacks. If he can't find a receiver, then he will just stand in place, rather than try to run the ball himself. He also tends to hold the ball too high when passing, which can lead to fumbles when he's tackled.

Though he appears to be an arrogant snob, Harao is actually quite sensitive about his skills as a quarterback. He knows that others consider him as a second-rate player; even his own team members think so. Like Sakaruba was, Harao is seen as the ace of the team by his fans, though his skills do not match that of his image. He admits to Banba that since the game against Deimon he has been trying to improve himself, but he still has doubts. Especially since every Kantou Tournament the Sphinx participate, but never win due to the other teams being like monsters. Like Banba, this will be his third and last Kantou Tournament. Banba assured him that the new Tutankhamen's Mask formation would protect him, so all he had to do was throw the ball.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Takeuchi, Kousuke
Fonseca, Eduardo
Íñigo, Carlos

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