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Eyeshield 21
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Eyeshield 21
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Shozo Togano (戸叶 庄三)

Position: Lineman/Offensive Tackle
Jersey: 53
Bench press: 85 kg
Birthday: October 13
40 yard dash: 5.5 second

Has long spiky blonde hair, and constantly wears orange tinted sunglasses. Can usually be seen reading manga. He seems to be the most quiet of the three. Likes Jump, but puts it aside for a while when going to the United States, saying "Sigh, I guess American comics are alright." Compared to the others, Togano is fairly laid-back, preferring to read his manga, often just going along with what Juumonji and Kuroki want.

He is additionally the most artistically talented amongst the three (as well as perhaps the entire team except for Hiruma); his drawings sometimes mimic muscular men like those in Fist of the North Star.

In an DevilBat021 omake where a reader requests a page of his manga, the description is given that the manga is about a character with qualities from many of Jump's ultimate heroes, like stretchy arms, nen control, incredible skill at basketball or tennis, and ninjutsu. It seems that since the character is named Shozo and has recently developed skills as an amefuto lineman, he is who Togano would like to be.

In the anime, he admits aloud that cheerleaders like Suzuna are "his type." While others in the team are put off by her initial cheers -due to her blunt and conspicuous attempts to stalk Eyeshield, Togano finds them attractive and charming; however, this event may have only been added for comedic factor as the issue has been dropped when she reappears in later episodes (and also as a bashful kind of affection is hinted at between Suzuna and Sena).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
O'Brien, Liam
Maeda, Takeshi
Ugarte, Víctor
Chouinard, Patrick

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