Ayana Hizuki

Kagaku na Yatsura
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Kagaku na Yatsura
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Ayana Hizuki (緋月 綾奈)

Ayana was an experiment, simple as that. Her “mother” worked a genetics lab and was experimenting with splicing human genes with various animals. After hundreds of failures the first success came out of the combination of a random dog breed and Ayana’s mother’s own genes. Luckily Ayana’s mother had some sense of kindess, as soon as Ayana was old enough to be out in the world Ayana’s mother left the little hybrid in the care of her sister and simply asked her to try and give her the closest thing to a normal life she can. Luckily Ayana managed just fine, she just told people she had a rare condition and they seemed to accept her just fine.

Voice Actors
Takamori, Natsumi

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