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Einosuke Okuda (奥田 永之助)

Einosuke is the father of Takiko and it is he who translated The Universe of Four Gods.
However, shortly after he translated the book Takiko becomes the priestess of Genbu and he can read his adventures, and includes the feelings of his daughter when she returns briefly in the real world he apologizes and explains that he had never regretted that she was a girl and explains that he wanted to use the power of the book to heal the illness of his wife. When Takiko back the second time, and having discovered that he was suffering from tuberculosis, Einosuke tries to destroy the book failing.
According to the original series, Einosuke will be forced to kill Takiko to save her from being devoured by Genbu and would later kill himself. Knowing from his own experience that it could not be destroyed, Einosuke entrusts The Universe of Four Gods to his assistant, Takao Ōsugi.

Voice Actors
Nakano, Yutaka

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