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Gokuu (五九)

The main character. He is a 1st generation asobot. His mission is to find the 49 Keys of the Apocalypse. (actually he wants to find the treasure where the key is located). He is accompanied with Suzie, Sanzo, Tongo, Joe and later with Miyon and Shiyon. Gokuu looks mostly human, but he has a face that resembles a monkey, and he gets angry when they call him monkey. He has a robot horse called Skywalker and a magic metal weapon he calls a 'joystick' which lengthens or contracts to his will. Sanzo put a curse on him that will make him weak to all women and children. After he collected 6 keys, his appearance changed and acquired new abilities such as the improved "Easter Wind" and "Fire Vortex Revolution". He likes to chase pretty girls every time he arrives in town, which leads him to get a punch out of the air. In the end, Sanzo took off the curse from Gokuu. In the end, he choose to go back in past, since Professor D's feather flew in a worm hole to the past and joined by his gang. His name, Gokuu, is made up of the Chinese characters for five and nine.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Kappei
Daayán, Irwin
Kim, Yeong Seon
Chesman, Yuri
Portuguese (BR)

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