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Hikae Nibyou


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Hikae Nibyou (弐猫 控)
Hikae Nibyou is a boy with spikey, short, green hair. He has purple eyes with the pupils like slits that make him look like a demon. He always wears a long bandana tied to his forehead. He has atleast lived 500 years, and there are plenty of signs that lead to him being an immortal figure. The fact that he takes fatal wounds as scratches is close to it. He is a very aloof character that never reveals his true intentions to the party, just like Utsuho. To him everything is about fun. If there is no fun then life is meaningless. He doesn't follow any morals or common sense.

He took an immediate liking to Utsuho and Pochi when they met, but immediately disliked Neya and Yakuma. As time passes on and the story progresses Hikae begins to really treasure Neya but still hates Yakuma because of his serious personality. He is also a very valuable information holder since he was one of the 9 to guard the sacred treasures. He gives them hints and peeks at times but not very often. He has very amazing fighting ability and doesn't need to eat or sleep. Because of that he usually stays up at night and watches while the rest are sleeping.

Out of 12 characters, he was ranked 4 for his height. Utsuho is 1 below him. He was born February 22nd. For his weapon he uses a Tekko kagi. His favorite food is Boiled fish paste products. His family members are unknown. He was the gaurdian of the 'Eye Stone'.

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