Christopher "Lord Chancellor, The Living Bones" Hatton

Christopher Hatton

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Christopher Hatton (クリストファー·ハットン)
A student of England's Oxford Academy and member of the Chancellor's Board and Student Council, he acts as head of judiciary in England.

Christopher Hatton is a Skeleton Spirit. He wears indigo colored priest robes along with a necklace of skulls, and he usually has eerie will-o-the-wisps trailing his presence.
He has a very odd way of speaking, he tends to favor ending his sentences with the English word, "DEATH!" instead of "-desu". And if he's not doing that, he's making various death based puns. The skulls around his neck often whisper to each other while he is busy making loud speeches about death. In fact, he loves death so much he will come up with any number of crazy, unjustified reasons to execute someone just so can chase them around shouting the word, "DEATH!"

Voice Actors
Ookawa, Tooru
Love, Andrew