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Teng (騰)

Age: Around late forties
Birth Place: Qin
Affiliation: Qin Army, Ou Ki Army
Rank: General

Equipment: Sword
Special Skill: Parrying

Tou is a skilled swordsman and a soldier of the Qin Military. He acts as the right-hand man of Ou Ki, a great general of Qin and the man feared all across China. As a skilled general himself, Tou has some of the best leadership and fighting skills. His tactics are considered to be on par with some of the best strategists in the story.

He has a very formal yet witty way of speaking and carries himself with quiet dignity. On the battlefield, however, Tou displays a very serious side as he cuts through his opponents.

Battle of Bayou arc:

Fire Dragons of Wei arc:

Voice Actors
Katou, Akio
Pasquier, Laurent

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