Kamome Sengakuji

Kamome Sengakuji

Akihabara Dennou-gumi
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Akihabara Dennou-gumi: 2011-nen no Natsuyasumi
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Akihabara Dennou-gumi Patapi!
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Kamome Sengakuji (泉岳寺 かもめ)

a girl from Osaka who aspires for money and would do anything for it. Her Pata-Pi is Billiken (ビリケン Biriken), one which is basically 2010's version of a piggy bank and counting machine; it transforms into the Diva Amphitrite. She lives with her mother and stepfather in Osaka after her biological father died. Kamome's name literally means sea gull.
-bio taken from Wikipedia

Voice Actors
Keith, Allison
Nagasawa, Miki
Rodríguez, Adriana

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