Dr. Crombel

Dr. Crombel


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Dr. Crombel
Age: 130+
Race: Modified Human
Affiliation: Union
Occupation: Researcher,

Dr. Crombel is a high ranking scientist and member of the Union. He is connected to a lot of things that have happened within the series in one way or another, and his true motives are still shrouded in mystery.

Dr. Crombel is a cold, cruel and mysterious scientist. He is one of the top executive scientists in the Organization/Union; thus, he is highly respected and has large amount of commanding power within the Organization.

Pain, suffering, high mortality rate, decreased life span, opinion, basic human rights, and anguish of those he experiments on only concerns him in what data he can get out of it. He likely considers ethics and morals as impediments to research and a waste of time and energy. Other than research, his focus and pleasure centers on acquiring power, exclusive knowledge, and removing those he considers enemies or obstacles.

Dr. Crombel has been shown to possess superhuman powers that can compete with Frankenstein, although Frankenstein was still fighting with his full powers sealed at the time. His abilities are far superior to what others know, and they are certainly stronger than his experiments like Mary and Jake. Yuriy once remarked that Frankenstein and Dr. Crombel's powers seemed to be similar.

Source: Noblesse Wiki

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