Noblesse: Awakening
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Race: Modified Human
Affiliation: Union
Occupation: Assassination Unit
First Appearance: Chapter 30

Mary is a modified human who serves the Union as a member of its Assassination Squad where she was partnered with Jake. She was the first female modified human shown within the series as well as one of the earliest antagonists.

Mary is one of the first female experiments seen in the series. She is one of the highest ranked and most powerful of the successful experiments created by Dr. Crombel. The assassination unit of the Union is composed by her and Jake. It is implied that Mary is more powerful that her partner, which means that she holds a higher rank and commanding capability.

Mary, though quiet, is very intelligent and loyal to Dr. Crombel. She rarely displays emotion, which frequently annoys Jake, her partner. She has a very cold and cruel nature, and always strictly follows her missions. When she died, everyone in the Union, including the members of the DA-5, showed surprise. They all found it hard to believe that she could have been killed.

She has been shown to have the ability to transform her arms, and in this transformed state she gains immense speed and strength. It is implied that she is even more powerful than Jake, for he had vowed to kill her and Dr. Crombel one day, but not until he became stronger. Jake is also afraid of her, further attesting to Mary's immense strength.

(Source: Noblesse Wikia)

Voice Actors
Nabatame, Hitomi