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Krantz (크랜스 / クランス)

Krantz [is] a modified human who worked for the Union as the Leader of the DA-5, a special forces team created by Dr. Aris.

Krantz is the leader of DA-5. He was created by Dr. Aris. He is usually shown on the sidelines and doen't fight with weak opponents. He is first seen fighting against Regis an overpowers him. Later on he drains the power of Shark when it appears that he cannot defeat Rai alone. He then attempts to drain Tao's powers but Ikhan begs Rai to save Tao which Rai does. He is last shown being defeated by Rai.

Krantz has a cold and cruel personality and will do anything for the success of a mission. Krantz has been shown to stop the violent actions of Shark when Shark acts out of control. He was also allowing Shark to kill people Takeo met in the past without letting Takeo know. He hates dealing with lower ranking experiments.

He is very arrogant about his strength and claims that DA-5 was made just for him. Though it is revealed by Takeo later on that Krantz was very scared of Dr. Aris. Krantz is usually shown as calm but lost his cool and became angry when Regis managed to injure him.

Krantz is the strongest of DA-5 and was according to Tao, all of them together also can't defeat him. Krantz fights without using any weapons.

Source: Noblesse Wiki

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