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Vino is Clear's partner, a small baby that usually wears a hood and sits in a cradle. During battle, Vino is suspended in a protective floating bubble made by Clear, which is said to cut Clear's power in half. This bubble has so far shown to be completely indestructible. Nothing is known about where Vino came from or how Clear had found him, but he seems to be able to speak in complete sentences even though he is just a baby. Vino seems to enjoy helping Clear, and also seems to derive some sadistic pleasure from hurting other mamodo and their bookkeepers. It is possible that Clear is controlling Vino's heart and mind with his power; this is evidenced by the glazed, near blank stare in Vino's eyes. During the final battle between Clear and Zatch, Vino had 'merged' with Clear's demonic spell form, despite being scared of it, and was changed by Clear to have an endless supply of heart energy. When Zatch's ultimate spell destroys Clear's last crystal, the protective barrier surrounding Vino is destroyed causing Clear's book to be burned. Kiyo immediately used a spell to protect the unconscious Vino from the vacuum of space, and catches the infant in his arms. After the battle, Vino was adopted by Dr. Riddles as his son.

Source: ZatchBell Wiki

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