Vilma "Caerula Sanguis, Qing-long Wei-ji, Qing-ji, Blue Widow" Fachiri

Vilma Fachiri


Gunnm: Last Order
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Gunnm: Kasei Senki
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Vilma Fachiri

Species: Type-V mutant
Title: Chairman of the Stellar Nursery Society
Degree of Cyberization: Fully biological

First appearing at the ZOT tournament under the alias "Caerula Sanguis" as the leader of the GUNTROLL team, she ends up as the last member and fights against Gally. Sparing Gally's life, she gives her the memory crystal containing the "Fata Morgana" program and takes off.

As Gally enters the core of Melchizedek later on, she sees the story of Caerula's past revealed through the memory crystal. Caerula was originally born in Transylvania in 1808, and somehow became a type V mutant, a vampire. Having lived for over 700 years, she witnessed the destruction of the old civilization, and played a major part in its revival.

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