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Piao (漂)
Hyou (孝) grew up as a slave together with his best friend and fellow orphan, Shin. When Shin first arrives at the village head's home, Hyō befriends him and gives him the dream of becoming the greatest general ever. Not much else is known of Hyō's family or past.

Hyou was much more level-headed than his best friend, but their swordsmanship skills were practically on par with each other. It seems Hyō did not have the same ability as Shin because he admitted to Ei Sei that he thought Shin was stronger than him. Unlike Shin, Hyō also seems more domesticated because he was a much better cook and could also clean very well. He also has more self-evident ability as a leader than Shin when he later charge into the member and inspire all the Kings troops into thinking that he was the King and even after realizing the truth. They were still captivated by his charisma and can never forget him and his sacrifice. Therefore it can be said that his leadership ability is far higher than Shin.

To clarify, in the manga, the reason Shin's potential is higher is because of his 'gorilla' strength and that Shin has a 'special' 'ambition/anger' stat to his strength ability. Which means Shin does even better under pressure and he 'entered' a tranquil fury of a sort. While Hyou does about the same under pressure as he would under normal condition(which is good enough for normal people but not enough to be called exceptional like Shin).

(Source: Kingdom Wikia)

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