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Kashamura (火車丸)
Kashamaru is a ninja whose madōgu, the Nisebi, allows him to mimic a flame master's powers to a certain extent.

He is defeated when Rui decides to lend Recca her powers.

As punishment for losing, Magensha sends Kashamaru and Tsukishiro into his dimension. Later, when Fuuko was sucked in, she, Kashamaru and Tsukishiro find out where the real Magensha was. In the manga, they corner him and Fuuko forces him out with Fuujin. In the anime, they corner him, but Magensha absorbs the power of his crystal, but is still defeated by Fuuko's Fuujin. Once Magensha was defeated, Kashamaru and the other two manage to get themselves out of the dimension. After the death of Magensha, the remainder of Uruha Ma quit the Uruha and cut all connections with Mori Koran, and joined the others.

from: http://flameofrecca.wikia.com/wiki/Kashamaru

Voice Actors
Gilbertson, Lucas