A (Third Raikage) "Sandaime Raikage"

A (Third Raikage)

Naruto: Shippuuden
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A (Third Raikage) (エー)
Birthdate: August 1
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Blood type: O
Occupation: Raikage
Affiliation: Kumogakure
Manga Debut: Chapter #494
Anime Debut: Naruto Shippuuden Episode #244

A (エー, Ē; Viz "Ei", English TV "Ay") was the Third Raikage (三代目雷影, Sandaime Raikage; Literally meaning "Third Lightning Shadow") of Kumogakure thirty years prior to the Fourth Shinobi World War and renowned to be the greatest Raikage the village has ever had.

(Source: Narutopedia)

Voice Actors
Tamanoi, Naoki
Trombini, Maurizio

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