Kyosaburo "Toudai Aka no Ou, Current Crimson King" Mibu

Kyosaburo Mibu


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Kyosaburo Mibu (壬生 京三郎)
Mibu Kyosaburo, the third of the Red Cross Knights, is the older brother of Kyoshiro and younger brother of Chinmei, but had inherited the title of the Crimson King. Kyosaburo is the current Aka no Ou and has red eyes just like Kyo. He introduced Kyoshiro to Sakuya, but was later killed by Kyoshiro (who was under the thrall of the Former Aka no Ou, Mibu Kyoichiro) when he tried to discover the Former Crimson King's greatest secret. His death shocks Kyoshiro in breaking free of the mind-control and causes him to flee the Mibu with Sakuya. Kyosaburo's body was then reabsorbed by the Former Aka no Ou, Mibu Kyoichiro, but later on returns in spirit inside the Former King's body to help Kyoshiro return to his own body after being reabsorbed. He was the one who secretly taught Muramasa the Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu, which he called "a technique to kill God (the Former Crimson King)", just before he was killed.

Kyosaburo was a kind King, his power was revoked and returned to the Former Crimson King, most likely do to his refusal to experiment on others to improve the Mibu Clan. Before he disappears he tells Kyoshiro,"You are just as kind as he once was. You must forgive him, for he, more than anyone, wished for peace." He refers to how the Former Crimson King was before his corruption.

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