Witch Hunter
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Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Race Witch
Supporter Egg of Beginning
Status In Britain, with Lancelot Dulac and Sir Gawain

Guinevere was the former Queen of England. She was Arthur's wife and Mordred's mother.

Guinevere has a rather child-like personality. For unknown reasons, she seems to be unable to speak, instead making noises to express herself, most notably, "Ah!".

After Guinevere was declared a witch, Arthur forbid her to meet with her daughter, Mordred. When Lancelot Dulac demands for her right to meet Mordred, Aruthur denies him this. Some time later, Lancelot rescued Guinevere from being burned at the stake, and they leave.

Guinevere appears before Halloween, but surprises the latter by hugging her. Upon seeing Lancelot, Halloween attempts to break free, calling Guinevere a witch. However, Lancelot tells her that her heart says otherwise, and Halloween feels a strange feeling.

When Tasha Godspell rejects Halloween, Lancelot puts her into Guinevere's Egg of Beginning (which means that Guinevere probably was a Witch and that the Egg of Beginning is her supporter). However, when Tasha returns for Halloween, he manages to break through the Egg of Beginning, which was almost complete, proving that their bond was too strong for even Guinevere's technique.

Guinevere is later targeted by Tania Doberg when the latter ambushes Lancelot. Lancelot barely manages to save her, and berates Tania on her decision to attack a defenseless person, but Tania merely replies that it was the Law of the Doberg family to crush all of those who opposed them. Tania then proceeded to create a huge version of Earth Flower to kill the two; however, it fails, and Lancelot escapes with an injured shoulder.

Powers and Abilities
Egg of Beginning
The Egg of Beginning is able to cancel all seals, limitations, and contracts. It was being used on Mordred, but was cut off when Tasha Godspell summoned her. It could very well be Guinevere's supporter.

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