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Eun-Sul-Hwa (Snow Flower) is the only survivor of the Silver Clan in the Bairong Empire. She tried to kill Emperor Yue, but failed.

Like any maids that works for the Emperor, she wears a robe that coveres everything from the shoulders to the feet. Before she just wore a robe that exposed her breasts, but after two years she covered that up unlike the other maids that worked there. She tied her hair up like all other maids. She also wears a necklace that was given personally by Emperor Yue. When her hair is untied, it reaches to her waist.

Around maids and other servants of the Castle, Eun-Sul-Hwa posesses a cheerful and friendly demeanor. Towards the Emperor, she fosters a great hatred against him, but remains courteous and respectful towards him. Later in the story, it is revealed that she harbors some feelings for Yue and the same for him as well.

Nothing is known about Eun-Sul-Hwa, save for the facts that she was a member of the now extinct Silver Clan and that she found a job as a maid in the Palace and became Yue's assistant. After a year of serving him, she attempts to assassinate him, but to no avail. Yue then explains that he was well aware of her intentions, noting that she radiated a great amount of killing intent. She explains that she believed that Yue ordered her clan executed. Yue denies this fact, much to Eun-Sul-Hwa's outrage, and states that he will look into it. He also strikes a bargain with her: She stays as his maid as he looks into who ordered the assassination. This bargain lasts two years, and
Eun-Sul-Hwa attempting to assassinant Yue again.
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Eun-Sul-Hwa's opinion of Yue begins to change. She was rather conflicted on what has happen over the last two years. Another maid came running by and stopped her to talk to her. She and the maid,May, talked for a bit. May noticed the necklace she has around her neck. Eun-Sul-Hwa told her that it was a gift from Emperor Yue. She even pointed out that Eun-Sul-Hwa's best charm were her massive boobs and saying how it was sad of her to cover it up. She told her that it was embrassing to have them exposed. May then starting talking about men on how they like thier women and what they do to charm them. She even said that out of 30,000 maids, she was handpicked by the emperor for two years, pretty strange to her. Eun tried to tell her that it was nothing like that. May was pretty sure that she knows what was going on. She then waved good-bye and wished her luck. She then went back and thought about May's words and rejected them. She wasn't going to have an romance with him. She once again tried to kill Yue,but he blocked the attack. They talked for a bit before going to eat breakfast. He told her that she was the only one who wasn't afraid of him and he felt most comfortable with her, but he was risking his lfe by being with her. She said that she was his assitant and that she will obey him as long as she gets her revenge. She then went to help him with his work. She kept thinking about killing him. "Why was it so hard to kill him? I was able to spent two years with you to try to kill you, but what I saw...... was different from what I have thought you would be. A leader with calmness and stren yet loves his country very much. Your kind and passionate side. I want to get my revenge but it's difficult to do it when I see you. If only there was a fault in you then the thought of killing you wouldn't be too hard to do." She and Yue stayed up late into the night to finish his work. He told her that he would be fine, but she told him that it would be best to finsih the work now as there will be a lot more tomorow. She promised to not kill him today and he agreed. They worked hard to finish what he has left. Yue asked her to bring him something when she didn't came. He then walked to see her sleeping on a bed. He then said she calls herself an assassin and touched her lips. She awaken to this, but she seems to be happy about that. She is killed by Yue's Father, The Previous Emperor's guards, the Black Ravens. Yue has her buried in the Royal Cemetary, raising her social status to Noble, and angrily confronts his father and is shocked to see that he confirms it, the old emperor saying how the Silver Clan needed to be "ridded off to the very core also...That's why the little girl suffered her end too"

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