Witch Hunter
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Nickname Warrior God
Gender Male
Age 35 (stopped aging)
Height 188 cm
Weight 70 kg
Race Human
Affiliation undefined
Supporter N/A
Status With Words Blondy von Worth

Eunryu (Palgeuk) is a White S-Class WH from the Southern WH Base who saved Vihyungrang from Surtr and East after Vihyungrang was about to be killed by East and Surtr. He claims to be the 8th strongest S-Class Witch Hunter; it is unknown who precedes him, besides Edea Florence, Vihyungrang, and Tania Doberg. He seems to be working with Words Blondy von Worth and killed the Southern HQ's S-Class Witch, meaning he may be like Words and hate Witches, even those who work with him.

He works with North, like Words. At Neptis's command, he later fights with Ryuhwan, defeating him, but leaves without killing the boy. Before the battle, he reveals his true name is Eunryu.

Powers and Abilities
Palgeuk has shown the abilty to throw spears with the type of force able to knock a enraged Surtr off his feet. Since Palgeuk did not carry these away with him he may summon them at will. It is unknown if there is a limited quantity or if he creates them.
While not explained in detail, it has been show to allow Eunryu to take his enemy by surprise by closing the gap between them and allowing him to attack at point-blank range. The skill seems to have originated in the Bairong Empire, as Eunryu tells Ryuhwan after using the skill, "Surprised? It's Bairong's Elasticity skill.". This ability is very difficult to avoid as even Ryuhwan is unable to do so with out getting injured.

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