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Yellow Radio

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Yellow Radio (イエロー・レディオ)

Gender: Male
Occupation: Yellow king
Legion: Crypt Cosmic Circus (Leader)
Avatar: Yellow Radio
Level: 9
Abilities: Judgement Blow, Silly-Go-Round

Yellow Radio being the Yellow King makes him a very powerful and commanding person. He is also very cruel and manipulative person as he was the one who stole the chrome disaster armor and essentially created the fifth one in order to exploit the rules that allows him to kill the Red King.

He along with the Kings of Pure Color attained level nine and decided to create a treaty that seperates their territories and disallowed fighting amongst each other to obtain level ten.

Yellow Radio's abilities rely on illusions in order to disorient his opponents. However, since he is the Yellow King, he is able to battle Black Lotus on equal grounds. His weapon is a baton that is apparently strong enough to withstand strikes from Black Lotus' blades. It was possible due to its special effect which is the more times it spun around, the more powerful it becomes.

(Source: Accel World Wiki)

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Mignogna, Vic
Pasquier, Laurent