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Patie (パティ)
Proclaiming herself as Zatch's girlfriend, Patie had been in love with him since discovering him fishing in a private beach in the Mamodo World, ultimately trying any means possible merely to interact with him. Upon arriving in the human world, she made partners with Uri, a poor man trying to get food for his family under one condition: she would help him out in any way possible as long as he helped her find Zatch. Yet when she finally tracks Zatch down to Japan, Penny discovers the hard way about Zatch's lost memories, going absolutely berserk and forcing herself to fight him either to make him remember their (one-sided) love or to eliminate him from the tournament.

Akur: Sprays a jet of water from Penny's hand. (Attack)
Ashield: Shield made from water that can also absorb electrical attacks. (Defense)
Aku Supureido: Rebounds enemie's previously absorbed attack. (Attack)
Akuruga: Spiraling spray of water fired from her hand. (Attack)
Oruda Kuran: Creates several large jets of water that surround the opponent. (Attack)
Akur Kiro: Slicing blades made from water. (Attack)
Akurouk: A spell that creates water like claws on Penny's hands and feet. She can also spin in an arc toward the enemy in said form. (Assist)
Ganzu Akur: Penny throws spheres of water at high velocity. (Attack)
So Giaku: Penny creates a huge dragon of water to attack the foe. Aside from the spell in Zatch's Golden Spellbook, this is Penny's strongest spell. (Attack)
Shin Suou Giakuru: A more powerful So Giaku. Seen only in Zatch's Golden Book. (Attack)

Source: ZatchBell Wiki

Voice Actors
Sheh, Stephanie
Matsui, Naoko

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