Konjiki no Gash Bell!!: 101 Banme no Mamono
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Wiseman (ワイズマン)
Powers: Explosions
Alignment: Evil

Spellbook Color: Light Purple

Wiseman iis a movie-exclusive mamodo. Originally, the mamodo who decides the mamodos who go into the fight was going to apporve Wiseman, but before he could stamp Wiseman's paper and make it official, Wiseman's paper blew out the window. He was too tired and lazy to go get it, so he approved Gash instead. This made Wiseman very angry, he decided to exact his revenge upon Gash for taking his spot in the fight. His partner, Kotoha, voluntarily chose to be his partner at first, believing he saved her mother, but was reluctant to keep fighting mamodo. Then Wiseman removes her feeling to make her keep fighting, believing her emotions are troublesome for him.

Source: ZatchBell Wiki

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki