Chelia Blendy

Chelia Blendy

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Chelia Blendy (シェリア・ブレンディ)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Affiliation: Lamia Scale
Guild Mark Location: Right Calf
Occupation: Mage
Team: Team Lamia Scale
Base of Operations: Lamia Scale Guild
Relative: Sherry Blendy (Cousin)
Magic: Sky God Slayer
Manga Debut: Chapter 267
Likes: Love
Dislikes: Spicy things

Chelia Blendy (シェリア・ブレンディ, Sheria Burendi) is a member of Lamia Scale, and the cousin of Sherry Blendy.

Chelia is the typical "Dojikko", a very clumsy and cute girl that falls over a lot. She also seems determined to please the Guild Master of Lamia Scale. She doesn't seem to stand up for herself well either, as she apologizes to Lyon for falling, and gets scared when Toby yells at her. She also seems to care about Lyon as she gets angry that he is in love with Juvia.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)

Voice Actors
Viktorin, Alison
Iguchi, Yuka

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