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Suku (スク)

Suku is the boy with the red cape and metal ring around him with a Kanji character. He is a member of Noshiga's gang and seems to be the second in command next to Noshiga. However once the demons make their entrance his tough front vanishes and he runs away right before Noshiga pushes Tachiji in the way of the Kimo-Tori (Liver-Taker) demon.

After Noshiga yells at him to get lost and find a different place to hide his is captured by a demon. He is taken by the Kimo-Tori (Liver-Taker) demon and shortly after his gang leader, Noshiga is captured by the Chi-Tori (Blood-Taker) demon.

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Akiko
Taylor, Veronica

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