Raizou Fuwa

Raizou Fuwa

Nintama Rantarou
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Nintama Rantarou Movie: Ninjutsu Gakuen Zenin Shutsudou! no Dan
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Rakudai Ninja Rantarou
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Raizou Fuwa (不破 雷蔵)
Age: 14
Class: Year 5, Class Ro
Committee: Library Committee

An upperclassman with a gentle and helpful personality that Rantarou and the other younger students adore. He's also a worrywart and his big weakness is his indecisive nature, which shows up any time he has to make a decision.

Usually seen in a pair with his friend Hachiya Saburou, who likes to use Raizou's face as a disguise, making the two look identical most the time. In the original work Raizou’s hair is black; however, in the anime it is a bright brown. His name is taken from the proverb "付和雷同 (following blindly)".

Voice Actors
Kanemaru, Junichi