Seri "The Heartless Woman, Tsundra Woman" Awashima

Seri Awashima

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Seri Awashima (淡島 世理)

Age: 22
Height: 170 cm
BWH: 95-57-92
Birthday: September 1
Horoscope" Virgo

She acts as Munakata's right arm, coldly carrying out her missions. Seri appears to be somewhat passive, though seemingly indifferent about others' civil rights. She prefers to use different alternatives in dire situations rather than killing as a first option.

She's a regular at Izumo's bar and she likes her martinis with red bean paste.

(Source: ANN, K Project Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Platt, Tara
Keranen, Carrie
Baumgardt, Birte