Duc d'Orléans

Versailles no Bara
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Duc d'Orléans

Cousin of Louis XVI who secretly tried to usurp the throne. Second in row to the throne of France. Mastermind in the plot to kidnap Marie Antoinette before she could marry prince Louis XVI, but after it failed thanks to Lady Oscar's intervention, he tried to kill the Prince and make it seem like an accident by switching the rifle Prince Louis XVI used for hunting with a tampered one that would explode once triggered. Later in the story, Duke de Orleans, because of his liberal ideas, lets anti-monarchists like the Black Knight (a masked French Robin Hood) and his followers secretly gather in his Palais Royale.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Klebsch, Klaus-Dieter
Ichikawa, Osamu
Bosco, Mauro
Tiphaine, Bernard

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