Alice Miller

Alice Miller

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Miller's Report
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Alice Miller (アリス・ミラー)
In her past, Alice Miller has once shown pity and mercy to a female Zeon pilot, but she gets betrayed by her, so she had no choice but to kill her. Hence, she bears deep grudges and hatred towards those who are suspicious and traitorous.

As she interrogates Ensign Shiro Amada for the charge of espionage and defection, her feelings become even more evident, but Shiro questions her motives with his own beliefs of peace and coexistence.

As the MS 08TH Team prepares for a dangerous mission behind enemy lines, Alice points her gun forcibly at Shiro, in orders to make him confess about being a Zeon spy, but Shiro refuses. Alice then deliberately shoots by Shiro's crosshair, knowing that there's a big gap between two of them in beliefs, and there's no point of either of them to back down.

(Source: Gundam Wikia)

Voice Actors
Takashima, Gara
Fischer, Lynn