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Izumi (戦神の侍 イズミ)
Izumi is a ronin samurai from Hinomoto who is a user of the self-proclaimed "War God Fencing Style" (戦神流剣術 Senshin-ryū Kenjutsu). In reality, she comes from a town of farmers and taught herself fencing. After her false persona was discovered in Hinomoto, she ran to the Continent where she came across Annelotte, and ended up following her of her own accord. She acts aloof when she talks, but she still follows her earnestly. Even if she were to lose her, she would follow her with her full spirit. She wields a huge nodachi called Saodake (サオダケ) which she carries on her back (she claims on her profile that she picked it up somewhere). She is also able to play a whistle made from seashells that boosts her and her comrades' strength. As a vain person, she won't ever say she's "just a warrior from Hinomoto" to try and correct her lie, and hates losing more than any of her fighter comrades. Created by Kuchuyosai.

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Voice Actors
Kotobuki, Minako
Nowack, Jessi

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