Sanposhi "Haira, Oda Hidenobu"


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Sanposhi (波夷羅)
Sanposhi wields five swords like boomerangs. Aside from his superhuman strength, he had no special ability (but in anime he got a flying Kenyou form), although he did seem to self-cauterize a severed arm during battle.

In manga:
Similar to both the fake Mekira and the real Indara, he was cruel, which was evident when he killed one of his soldiers for running away from Yukimura after being given the option to flee. This angered Yukimura, and in their short duel Yukimura killed Sanposhi by cutting him in half vertically.

In anime:
He fought alongside Fuuma Kotarou against Kyou and Sarutobi Sasuke. During the fight Kyou cut his left arm and Kotarou escaped leaving him alone, so he went with suicidal attack on Sarutobi Sasuke, but was killed by Yukimura who came just in time.

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Soichiro