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Antera (安底羅)
Antera is one of the Juunishinshou. Despite her youth, she has superhuman strength and wields a pair of large hammers. She is a member of the Mibu Clan, and as such, has the Death Disease though her aging process has been stopped in order to stop the disease which has no cure. She is the daughter of Kubira I and her real name is Anju.

During the battle against Akira, she injected herself with a stimulant and turned back into her true form, an adult named Anju, but as soon as she transformed, the Death Disease reappeared and she immediately started dying. When Akari removed the stimulant from her body turning her back into a kid, Antera lost all her memories and became a normal child.

Voice Actors
Ueda, Kana
Ciampa, Letizia
Hollingshead, Megan
Sands, Tara