Mina "Tsukishiro Miina" Tsukuda

Mina Tsukuda

Getsumen To Heiki Mina
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Getsumen to Heiki Miina
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Mina Tsukuda (佃美奈)

The main protagonist of the story. A second year at Tsukishima Gakuen High School.

She transforms into Tsukishiro Miina by eating a carrot or any food that contains carrots as ingredients (such as carrot juice). She uses her Carrot Weapons to fight against and capture alien criminals causing trouble in the Earth. Her special ability is "Carrot Hammer." Ironically though, she hates eating carrots.

Mina is scouted by LunaTV's Onoue producer, and debuts as an active high school student-announcer. After she's also picked by Rabbit Force's Earth commander Nanashi to become a Miina, she comes to live a busy life in three different roles. She is yet inexperienced both as an announcer and a Miina; but she overcomes hardships thanks to her hardworking nature and the encouragements of surrounding people.

Voice Actors
Inoue, Marina

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