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Bulga (ブルガ)
Bulga (Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe ) is the third magical girl to be introduced to the series, and acts as a foil to both Ureshiko and Sayaka throughout the plot. Bulga arrives in the Wonderland as a messenger of Realm's elders. Her job is to find out Sayaka has not taken possession of the Managerial Ring, and to assist her in any way possible. However, Cruje reveals that she was the second-ranked magical girl in the competition to become the next manager,and she makes no attempt to hide her contempt for her former opponent. After relaying the Elders' message, Bulga strikes out on her own to take the ring for herself and usurp the position of Manager, but is unable to take it out of Ureshiko's possession. She later forms an alliance with Chane and Hermes to take the ring away from Agnes and present it to Cruje.

Unlike Ureshiko and Sayaka, Bulga never transforms into a magical girl in order to use her powers. Instead, she makes use of an ever-twirling umbrella as both her broom and wand, and is able to move stone, animate objects, and manipulate the wind with ease.[2] Bulga is also able to hypnotize Sayaka on two separate occasions,and has the ability to transfigure herself into a dog.[14] Interestingly, she only needs to use the common magical phrase "Magity" when using her destructive spells, and is able to perform her other magic without it.

Bulga is the most calculating of the magical girls who come from Realm to help Cruje. She displays the most destructive tendencies, and does not seem to mind damaging the Wonderland as long as it helps her achieve her goals. However, her ambition does seem to have some limits, as she flees in fear from Agnes once all the damage she caused was repaired in an instant by the Manager's power. Though she shows little development during the series, she does seem to have some human emotion—when she accidentally attacks Valentine with her umbrella, she automatically apologizes and flies away. At the very end of the series, it is hinted that Bulga will live in the Wonderland as an attendant to Cruje, and she seems to be making friends with some of the other children at the middle school.

Source: Wikipedia.

Voice Actors
Watanabe, Akeno