Rimi "Atalanta" Kokorone

Rimi Kokorone


Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Rimi Kokorone (心根 梨深)
First appearance: Battle 410
Age: 16
Type: Sei
Type: Satsujin Ken
Martial Arts: Ancient Martial Arts

Kokorone Rimi is one of the disciples of Ogata Isshinsai, leader of the martial artist group "Titan," and the divisional member Atalanta of Yomi. Rimi dresses in typical Gothic Lolita clothes, she has short, light brown shoulder length hair and a well-endowed figure for her age. She wears a dark dress that reveals her chest with straps across the middle, a type of headband up top and wears sleeves around her arms midway. On her legs are stockings and she wears high-heels that double as weights.

Rimi refers to herself in the third person and is said by Ogata to be "the most honest" of his disciples. She, as seen in when she talked to Miu and Niijima, is a little too honest, as she is telling secrets to the enemy without herself noticing. She is also deeply in love with Asamiya Ryuuto, becoming more motivated when he compliments her. This is also displayed when she called Miu her (love) rival, since Ryuuto didn't tell her about his past relationship with Miu. She also shows the typical teenage mindset as she has a blog or internet dairy which she unintentionally writes about her day to day life along with Ryuuto.

She has shown to be aggressive, going as far as to brutally assault Thor with several kicks to his face and body to get the disk she was ordered to get. She's also not above insults, such as calling Thor constantly "fat" or "fat ass" to make him angry.

Rimi is somewhat of a flirt around men, as she if fond of dressing in odd outfits (typically designed for school wear) when she was training with Ogata and tried to please him while he was unamused.

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