Kagari Izuriha

Kagari Izuriha

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Kagari Izuriha (出灰カガリ)
In appearance, Izuriha is depicted as wearing a white sleeping gown and has very messy blonde hair that comes down all the way down to her hips. She was also thought permanently bound to a wheelchair, despite the fact that doctors found nothing wrong with her legs. After the death of Chariot, she has started to walk again. She seems to be associated with a particular doll with brown hair curls.

A childhood friend of Yomi. She was thought to be permanently bound to a wheelchair and thus did not attend her school. Yomi seems to be very afraid of her, but continues to communicate with her and allow her into her house.

She is unable to become friends with Mato and hates her. She is also very fond of macarons. Her obsession with Yomi is extremely possessive, and she forbids Yomi from making any friends, declaring that Yomi is "hers", and demanding that Yomi "take responsibility". According to the second episode, she has been devoted like this to Yomi ever since they were small children and was broken when Yomi went overseas for a few years due to her father's job. She is not subtle about her like or dislike of someone, offering Mato what she calls the "dirty colors" of her macarons and giving her an ugly doll. She has her own doll named Mary, which she sometimes talks through.

(Source: Black★Rock Shooter Wikia)

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