Loretta Oratorio

Loretta Oratorio

Wild Arms: Twilight Venom
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Loretta Oratorio

A thief and crest sorceress, she spends her time with Mirabelle and Jerusha stealing from the rich and treasure hunting. To her chagrin, they frequently run into Sheyenne's group and as a result, often lose the treasure. So much so that both Loretta and Mirabelle dubbed Sheyenne as the "God of Poverty" and resolved to run away the next time they see him.

Loretta is aware of her own beauty, and one of her most common ploys is to use her body to distract unwary victims before robbing them. She is not without skills, however, as shown in episode 9, "The Slave of the Game," where she becomes the top female grappler. She is a proficient crest sorceress, but is limited by her obsession with the monetary value of the crest. As a thief and treasure-hunter, Loretta is prone to doing nearly anything to get to the valuables, up to and including pretending to be a long lost heiress and joining an all-female robbery gang. However, she has shown to adhere to a moral code when it comes to obtaining crests, and is visibly outraged when someone has broken it.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Lee, Wendee
Oosaka, Fumiko

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