Ryuuhei Kasuga

Ryuuhei Kasuga

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Ryuuhei Kasuga (春日隆平)
Age: 17
Height: 179 cm
Weight: Unknown
Team: Seiho
Position: Point Guard
Talent: Scoop Shot

Ryuuhei Kasuga is Seiho's guard. After the Interhigh preliminaries, he and Iwamura retired from the Seiho basketball team. Kasuga is a kind and controlled person, who keeps his head cool at all times. He is respectful towards his teammates and towards his opponents. He is sportsmanlike and even acknowledged Seirin's strength after they won over Seiho, even when Seiho won last year.

Kasuga has regular ball-handling skills, fitting to his position as point guard. In his play with Tsutomu Iwamura, a hard type player, he is a soft player.

Voice Actors
Hayashi, Yuuki
De Bouard, Vincent