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Vermouth (ベルモット)
Vermouth is a member of the Black Organization. But, although she follows orders from the boss and Gin when he is charge of missions, she often acts according to her own agenda and whims, even when it runs contrary to the Black Organization's best interests, being secretive and manipulative, even towards other Organization members. Vermouth is confident in her abilities, is very bold, and an expert at manipulating situations to her advantage: traits which allow her to single-handedly weave complex plots and take the upper hand even while she is being monitored by enemies. She is intelligent and insightful, but her personality is contradictory at times. On one hand, she is a cruel and ruthless agent who will blackmail an unwilling man to commit murder by threatening him and his family just to provide a distraction and happily tell an FBI agent she should smile because she will see her dead father again in heaven. On the other hand, she risks her life several times to protect Conan, Ran, and Kogoro, and her friendly behavior while in disguise as Tomoaki Araide left the real Araide wondering if Vermouth is really a bad person.

(Source: Detective Conan World)

Voice Actors
Koyama, Mami
Honna, Youko
Scianca, Patrizia
Vivas, Rosa
Yang, Jeong Hwa